Ancient way for deep relaxation, balancing and healing

Reiki promotes healing by balancing body energy and creating a sense of deep relaxation. The practitioner uses gentle hands-on touch to channel Reiki energy into energy field of the recipient.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient form of natural energy balancing and healing. Rei means universal life energy and ki means the vital life force energy flowing through everything that is alive.
Reiki gently works on the whole person to balance energy in the body, mind, and spirit. In this way it boosts the body’s own innate healing abilities.
In a Reiki session this Universal Life Energy is channelled through the practitioner into the energy field of the recipient to enhance balancing and strengthening. It is a very gentle technique promoting self-healing, stress reduction, increased energy, pain relief and a general overall feeling of well-being for adults and children of any age.

Svetlana, Reiki Master Teacher – registered with Canadian Reiki Association

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the love and attention you have put into teaching the Reiki course. You delivered it in a manor that made it very easy for all of us to feel very comfortable in learning a new skill that will benefit us all for the rest of our lives.”

Robert S., Toronto

Reiki Workshops Information and Dates

Reiki Level Oneshutterstock_112751188

• History and benefits of Reiki
• Demonstration of hand positions for self Reiki
• Demonstration of hand positions for sessions on others
• Practice sessions
• Reiki for plants and animals
• Explanation of chakra system

Reiki Level Twoshutterstock_134718815-web

• Description and uses of Reiki symbols
• Long distance Reiki (absentee healing)
• Chakra balancing
• Scanning the energy field
• Cleansing and protection of the personal energy field

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• Personal Mastery tools and symbols
• Energy enhancement exercises
• Master/Teacher tools and symbols
• Attunement instruction and practice
• Instruction and material provided for teaching Reiki Levels I, II and III
• Comprehensive manual provided
• One on one training