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Since I started practicing a few of the exercises I have learned, it is probably no coincidence that I have seen so many wonderful changes and events in my life since. On the financial plan, I had already surpassed the goal for sales in this month, and it is only 4 days into this fiscal month period. My family members have seen some amazing personal breakthroughs, which is the ripple effect Svetlana was speaking about.
Mila A., Toronto
amazing story of a star
Svetlana has a gift to help people through coaching. In her sessions she is like a very good gardener: planting new healthy seeds in my heart and supporting me to find the way to get rid of unwanted weeds such as unwanted thoughts and emotions, bad habits and self-sabotage. I am getting a clear vision and learning to accept myself and reality.  With every session, I feel almost like having new wings. Now, after a few months working with Svetlana I have much more positive thoughts, and I am much more forgiving and resilient. My communication skills have improved a lot, and I have started socializing. I have improved my time management skills and became physically more active. I feel stronger, fulfilled, content and ‘enough’. I am inspired and my every day is getting brighter and happier. I am writing poems again, and I am very happy with the paintings I painted.
Thank you Svetlana,
Anamarija Savic, Toronto
Working with Svetlana was an eye opener in many ways as it helped me bring awareness to some of the patterns I’d been stuck in. I was able to connect many of dots in my life and also re-write some of the subconscious messages that I had been carrying around. As a result, I’ve experienced greater clarity and have been able to take more powerful action towards my goals, both in my private and in business life. Thank you.
Katia Millar, Networking Maven 
amazing story of a star
I first contacted you because of some emotional problems I had been having. I felt lost and useless and was struggling to feel good about myself. Working with you gave me a clear insight on my problems. I felt kindness and a desire to help from you. I trusted you and believed in your effort to help. Now I see improvements in my emotional health! We have more understanding between members of my family.
I am certain now that I have to improve my emotional health by changing my attitude toward the world and people around me.
Elena B. 
amazing story of a star
I started feeling better and more energized… I started working again with the same passion I used to have and which I missed for a while…I feel confident in myself again…My work improved significantly…I can focus better and do things right away without prolonging my own deadlines…My family relationships, are working well as well.
V.V. Film Director, Toronto 
I have been suffering in an abusive relationship for 10 years. Your energy boost and spiritual support has helped me overcome that situation. I have not completely removed myself from this toxic relationship but I am certainly on my way out to freedom and self-realization.Everything around me has been tossed all over and I can see that it is done to make things fall in place. At this time, even though I do not know what life holds for me, but I have an inner voice telling me all is well, things are falling in place. Life is only getting better.
I am no longer in a victim mode.
amazing story of a star
Before I started to work with Svetlana, … I had lost motivation both in my business and in my private life. I felt stuck, blocked… Since I started … six weeks ago, I have noticed how my bitterness has almost vanished. Now, I feel grounded, balanced, and less anxious about my life. I am present, focused, and motivated. I like the direction my life is taking. I am breaking old patterns, and I not only see new opportunities but I am open to them.
T.B., Toronto 
amazing story of a star
After working with you during the group sessions and during the private 1 on 1 session I encountered a person I have not seen for 2 years and had a healing conversation that brought some closure inside and felt very healing. During the healing work done on the calls I felt different physical sensations showing that the energy is working inside, and after each session had a deep sleep and feeling of general warmth and wellbeing. Thank you. Your dedication, time, and healing work is beautiful and much appreciated.
amazing story of a star
Since last week, I carry in myself peace and reconciliation with anything that is coming my way. Peace of mind has become part of my daily life. Whether I am rushing, hurrying, working, or being idle, it’s with me. :)
Very nice feeling.