About Svetlana


I can help you discover and connect with your true inner self.
Allow yourself to create more time and energy for the real life
experiences that you crave!


How I work…

I will guide you through a process of discovering your own answers through a deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself. I will help you rediscover who you are at your core and adopt tools and strategies to maximize and realize your potentials in your own unique way. I can help you become a better leader, have a greater impact and create more passionate connections with others. Also, I can help you reconnect with your true inner self and find clarity in your purpose and create more joy and fulfilment.
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I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach,  Wellness & Life Purpose Coach, a women’s empowerment guide and a mentor committed to helping women take their life to the next level and turn their dreams and passions into genuine accomplishments, so they can live balanced, authentic and productive lives.
My coaching and mentorship programs are based on proven processes for creating a positive change, and making quantum leaps towards fulfilment and living a happy life. They are based on effective and innovative strategies that are proven to work to help you become empowered and effectively transform your life, so that you can:
• Find solutions in life where you want greater results and more fulfilment (career, finances, relationships, family, spiritual, and health).
• Harness the power of your mind, body & emotions and align them with your actions to effectively manifest what you truly desire and achieve your goals.
• Re-Ignite your life with new energy, inspiration and deep joy.
If you would like to take your life to the next level, be great and live a vital, authentic life doing what you love, I can’t wait to meet you!

My Mission

I have a great passion for helping and empowering women to feel and to be their best. And that is why I’ve started coaching – to give my clients the tools which would serve them for life, and be the best they can be. I help them to allow themselves to think hard, feel deeply, dream big, and be great so that they could turn their dreams and passions into genuine accomplishments, feel that they matter and be proud of themselves.
My passion also comes from my great love for people and my ability to see the best in every person and understand them at a very deep level and help them rediscover their inner truth. I can intuitively sense what their strengths are; I can see the big vision for them, what they are capable of and what their potentials are… I am passionate helping them manifest their full potential, step up and live a vital, authentic life doing what they love while enjoying better health, more love and deeper happiness.

I believe that everyone carries his own purpose deep inside already. My passion is to help you discover yours.


Svetlana is a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, as well as Wellness & Life Purpose Coach, Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor, Reiki Master, Quick Pulse®, Advance Pulse® and Rolodex® Practitioner, Reconnection® & Reconnective® Healing Practitioner, and a Deeksha/ Oneness Blessing Giver.
Svetlana is also a published poet and blogger, and a co-author of the book Aspire Awaken Actualise (published in 2015).
She is committed to helping women take their life to the next level and turn their dreams and passions into genuine accomplishments so that they can live balanced, authentic and productive lives.
She helps people across the globe live a life of purpose and fulfillment from her home base in Toronto. She has worked with well known artists and specializes in working with women.

Aspire Awaken
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