Voicing the Silence is a collection of poetry filled with a depth and love for life. Filled with poems which illuminate, warm and inspire every heart they touch.

In silence is where the heart takes over and the healing begins. These poems, just like energy work, bring healing to the body, heart, soul, and spirit.
Voicing the Silence takes readers through a healing journey from the silence. Silence is the space that carries and presents our deepest, truest self. It is within silence that we find answers to our questions and our greatest understanding of ourselves. It can offer us not only healing – it offers us growth, too.

A trusted companion for anyone seeking inner peace, self-love, and inspiration.

“Whoever succeeds to fathom the silence and call it by its true name, they scored the most that mortal man can achieve.”

-Ivo Andric (Signs By the Roadside)